[TowerMadness] Player Feedback Thread

TowerMadness Players,

We'd love to hear more about what you think about the game: what you like, and what we could improve.  It helps everyone if you could please keep your comments constructive and concise.

Also, for example, if you feel that the game is too easy, it will be helpful to know how far you played.

We'll be following this thread closely.  Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write to us!


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    Paul Devereaux

    The TowerMadness app is currently not working on iPhone 6, latest version of the game (1.23) and iOS (11.4). It also did not work on iOS 11.3. When opening the app, it crashes after trying to log in to Game Center. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future update.

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    Ana Van Meter

    It was fixed for iOS 11, now it’s broken again with iOS 12.

    I’ve reinstalled the game often, which means those levels that were finally beat- gone. Which is fine, if I could play the game to keep trying.

    Please, can we get a new update?

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    Antonios Karantze

    Works fine for me on iOS12. What devices are you using?

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    Limbic Support

    We've now updated the game to 1.24.1, which should address all known crash-on-launch bugs!

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