[TowerMadness 2] Player Feedback Thread

TowerMadness 2 Players,

We'd love to hear more about what you think about the game: what you like, and what we could improve.  It helps everyone if you could please keep your comments constructive and concise.

Also, for example, if you feel that the game is too easy, it will be helpful to know how far you played, whether you tried Invasion Mode, etc.

We'll be following this thread closely.  Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write to us!


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    I love the new additions in the game, however I feel it I s lacking some features compared to TM1.
    - I would love a two player mode like on the hd version of TM1
    - I would also like to see the video playbacks tied to scores or certain maps.
    Also, if you wouldn't mind me asking, what prompted the change of price?

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    Jon Paul Bonin

    I was hoping if they could add multiplayer and split screen. My friend and I go each place to play each other and it was thrill but towermadness does not have that. That's why we were hoping if they will upgrades our feedback... Great game.. but challenge whew!!! :)

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    Michael Park

    Awesome game! Needs to be more awesome, like the original.
    1) Endless Mode - it would be nice to use all the upgrades I bought.
    2) Flame Thrower - greatest tower ever!
    3) Tower Slot - it would be great to use ALL of the tower options on the same map.
    4) Stun Gun - change the sound it makes. Incredibly annoying to listen to as it is now.
    5) Mortar - where's the nuke??
    6) Options - need to be able to turn off the freeze/overheat annoyance. It was neat the first few minutes.
    7) Maps - more maps, of course!

    I really like the game. It has a ton of potential. I've spent countless hours playing Towermadness. I'm hoping you continue to upgrade that one as well. Particularly the Missile Launcher and the Flak Tower. They are too weak for Endless Mode.

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    Benjamin Katz


    I really appreciate the game and the fact that it is completely new and is an improved version of TM1 (that I love playing!).

    What is good:

    • Wool: makes it more fun and more difficult to play (which is a good thing) but you can choose not to care and play simpler.

    • Environment difficulty: Also a good idea if we consider that to play there, different methods need to be employed (more towers on desert compared to more advanced towers).

    • Knowing what enemy may arrive and the real difference between them all: Especially the flying and disabling ones: it does make your strategy before the play more important.

    What is not good:

    • Once you played all the maps and done the invasion mode to them, it's over (I say thins but I still need to do 3 maps, so maybe not...).

    Possible solutions: 

    • Having a similar "endless" mode to play again. But this will be developed with time as it should.

    In conclusion: thank you Limbic!

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    Ariel Deutsch

    i LOVE tho game!!!

    keep on the amazing work :-)

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    1) get rid of all the nickel and dimming. I should not have to pay each time I want to upgrade a tower, bring more towers with me or fart.
    2) get rid of the campaigns. Open all levels and list the level of difficulty.
    3) bring back the endless mode with variable difficulty levels
    4) let me use ALL my towers on any given map
    5) is cloud backup working, because I can't get it to work
    6) make the overheating and freezing OPTIONAL
    7) need a much more robust almanac like in the old game
    8) need to list the videos based on high score and by level so we can learn from others (and the entire game field must be visible in these)
    9) most aliens look too similar and hard to distinguish
    10) allow be to select my target. If I know a boss will get to my sheep, I should be able to ignore him. Otherwise, everything is hitting him and all the other aliens are marching without difficulty to the sheep as well
    11) show the tower range when I am placing it. Showing it AFTER the purchase is unhelpful
    12) get rid of everything in the game that could be viewed as "grinding" I don't mind a few in app purchases, but hate the freemium nonsense.
    13) unrelated, but can you add ultimate upgrades to the remaining towers in TM1 that still need it? The game feels unfinished since most (but not all) towers have this ability.

    Thanks for the wool and the open letter. I was able to unlock all the remaining towers.

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    Ian Tullie

    TM2 is pretty good, just not as good as TM1, in my opinion.  Things I don't like: having to choose the weapons before starting a game 2) the pathing is quite orthogonal, not as natural as in TM1 3) the slowest speed seems faster than in TM1, which makes some strategies more difficult, and 4) it seems like more aliens arrive at once than in TM1.  Admittedly, all these things could be seen as positive things by other people.  Finally, I hope you're not going to stop developing levels for TM1 - it's my favourite game by far on any platform.  Thanks!

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    Defiantly not too easy...just very annoying...on the desert maps and the snow maps it would be cool if it affected your towers in some way but now render them useless unless you take action in some way...the path prediction mode is pure perfection thank you for that...I want to be able to view the leader boards and watch how others beat the level otherwise this app has literally been better than most console games and is going to be big

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    Pavel Gubarev

    Thank you for the wonderful TM2! However I was disappointed when I discovered there's no multiplayer mode so far. I was really enjoying playing this game with my girlfriend for the last 2 years or so. We did it rather often so we've bought all the maps and played them each for a few times.

    So please consider making multiplayer mode as feature request number one!

    Good luck (and good buck) to you guys!

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    Alex Bishop


    I’d like to congratulate all at Limbic on the release on TM2! TM1 was by far my favourite smart phone/tablet game.

    I’ve only managed to get to the frozen worlds in TM2 campaign so far, so apologies if I include feedback which you have already developed in later levels I haven’t yet reached.


    What I like in TM2:

    In TM2 I love that the different worlds actually have an effect on game play, e.g. the overheating or freezing of towers. It adds variety to gameplay (and strategy) other than just a different map or different Aliens.

    I also think the invasion setting and aim to get quickest time is a neat addition. I’ve completed all invasions in the first world so far, but am finding the desert one more demanding.


    Ideas for possible improvements

    Mission campaign/specific objective levels

    This is a must for Limbic to include.

    You can add gameplay, variety and difficulty without doing much work on your part.

    Using existing maps, you can have a separate campaign or game mode where other objectives are added to that map.

    For example, you could have to save all sheep and (any or combinations of below)

    -          Use only one type of tower

    -          Use at most 5 towers of any type (could be any number)

    -          Aliens must not cross a specific line on map (nearer to alien landings)

    -          Kill a certain amount of enemies within a given time

    -          You have a set amount of coins to start with and killing aliens doesn’t give you money

    -          Must not alter Aliens route to sheep* *

    2 player mode

    I enjoyed this mode in TM1 HD and was hoping it would return. Maybe it could be improved with the ability to challenge someone across the internet? 

    Alien Mode

    You could play existing maps but in the role of the Aliens, sending them in against a predefined setup of towers to steal all 10 sheep. 

    In game bonuses

    (NB: this would improve the take up and purchase of more wool/in app purchases)

    You could introduce bonuses that eliminate Aliens when selected, but these bonuses cost wool and/or real world money.

    Examples of the bonusesyou could have:

    -          You can eliminate all aliens (e.g. nuke everything on screen)

    -          You eliminate all the aliens that you can tap in 3 seconds

    -          You can make Aliens go backwards (towards their ships) for 3 seconds

    -          You could make one extra tower have supremely high damage for 3 seconds. 

    Increasing TM2 downloads & networking

    Better use of social networking would mean more people using it.

    You could introduce a scheme similar to Candy Crush where by players are rewarded by wool or  additional levels/towers/pieces of towers by getting friends on social networking to provide them. This would give players an incentive to get their friends to download TM2. 

    Alien types

    You could add a variety of Alien that

    -          attacked the towers as it walked through to the sheep.

    -          Walked through/over tower lines occasionally but had a cool down (a cross between flying and big spider robot)

    Tower types

    You could add towers that:

    -          Slowly generate coins/wool

    -          A tower that moves spaces at player will or on a track or follows Aliens until they are dead

    Kind regards,

    Alex Bishop

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    David Melgar

    Haven't left a review. Wanted to comment. I've seen the reviews on both android and iOS and they have convinced me NOT to purchase this game. Doesn't even seem worth attempting.
    I'm an ardent Tower Madness player, spend way too much time on TNT. Generally have liked the game. Have it on iPhone, ipad and for a Nexus 7. Was excited at the idea of TM2 but I really am tired of the games with pointless gameplay who's sole purpose is in app purchases.

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    Darren Fennell

    I have been playing TM2 for a few days now and agree that it's not like TM1 but is that a bad thing? I don't thing so. I like both games for different reasons, TM1 is easy to pickup at first with some of the maps are quite fiendishly difficult, TM2 seems easy at first but the limited towers make the game more challenging than it first appears. I appreciate the time and effort involved in the HD graphics, the smoothness of delivery and the apparent stability of the platform.

    Some suggestions I would have would include;

    - map rotation, being able to see the action from a different angles

    - aerial 'blimps', to be positioned to block the path of aerial units

    - additional game modes, e.g. playing as the aliens, online / local multiplayer

    - additional maps are always welcome but maybe new concepts such as multi level maps making the maps take on a whole new strategic level (think 3D chess from the original Star Trek series)

    That's all for now, maybe have some more suggestions as I get deeper into the game.

    Many thanks and don't forget about TM1, it still has a place in the market :)

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    taylor george

    Firstly, I'm very impressed with your new game. There are a few small things I'd like to point out.


    The ufo's that drop the enemies are a little too large. On some maps they visually block you view of Tower placement areas and enemy pathing. Im hoping you can simply scale them down. 

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    Limbic Support

    We are constantly listening to your feedback and have lowered the wool price of many items in Xen's shop. Extra Tower Slots' wool prices have been significantly reduced. Thank you and please continue to post constructive feedback, which will help us improve your overall gaming experience.

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    Carsten Otto
    • Unfreezing the towers is quite annoying, but this can also be considered as a standard annoyance you have in a cold place...
    • On my small screen (S4 mini) with my large fingers I sometimes sell towers although I just want to build something new or, most likely, unfreeze some tower. It would be nice to have a "STOP! DON'T SELL!" button or something alike.
    • I really like the "planning" feature, i.e. to set up some tower or upgrade before the money is there. However, this does not work when replacing a tower by another one. It would be nice to be able to sell a tower and, while the red progress bar is active, command which tower should be placed at that position after selling the old tower is complete.
    • Maybe to work against all the "expensive!" comments: try to make more clear how wool is earned and that the game can easily be enjoyed without spending additional money.
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    eden chow

    I hope soon there will be endless mode :)

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    Fred Tingler

    One devoted TM fan's feedback:


    The graphics are, really, juvenile. TM1 seemed like much more of an adult game. 2 reminds me of inferior tower defense games (e.g. Elf defense, which is lame). The pointy finger thing? C'mon. Killing me.

    Unacceptable to limit the towers you can select. Almost ruins the game.

    Overheating? Annoying, but not unacceptable.

    Why do we still not have a battery indicator and clock? I play TM until my battery ideas and I am late. These have been oft complained about features that should have Ben added.

    The anticipatory tower upgrade .... Fantastic.

    Loss of the easy access to leaderboards and videos ... Disappointing.

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    Gerry McGuire

    Hello,   I've played TM2 for a few days and really like the new game.   I am having a mostly good experience and thought I'd share a few comments, a few suggestions, and a bug with you. :)

    1. I did purchase the wool-doubler  and still found your old wool prices still daunting.  I applaud the drop for in-game upgrades and hope they stay put.  Thanks!
    2. Question: is there an endless mode?   I find this really adds to replay value.  I am only about 3/4 of the way through so perhaps I didn't hit it yet.
    3. Video recordings.  One feature I found useful in TM1 was the automatic recording of high-score games.  This allows a player to learn tactics from more experienced players and avoid flailing about.  When I did go into TM2's video sharing feature, all the recordings were mashed together into one big library.  Saving everything (like TM1) can put a burden on your servers but organizing by level (then by score) would make the current approach much more useful.
    4.  Nice soundtrack and sound effects.  Very cool and certainly adds to the atmosphere!

    5. [Bug Report] - Started on the iPad, restored from an iPhone.  That worked great!   Went back to the iPad and tried to restore from the iPhone.  The restore failed.   The new game appeared to restore OK but started back at Level 1, with no progress.   The old game on the iPad disappeared to basically have to start over.  ugh - sticking to the iPhone for now...

    6. [Suggestion] Save one in-game user configuration per level.   On more complicated levels, it can take a while to get initial layout setup properly (even after a few waves of aliens have started).   If a tower is off by a slot, then it gets frustrating to stop and get the game setup again.  Not sure how you'd limit abuse - maybe save only during first 5 minutes of play?   This would really help keep the fun flowing.




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    James King

    To be honest it's not a patch on the original. I really dislike not being able to select from all the weapons like you could in 1 and the control interface although 'prettier' is now clumsy in comparison. Glad to see the wool prices have been reduced as for a game that you pay for it seemed a little steep to have to pay so much again but overall it needs major work to bring it up to the level of TM1. As a long term Tower Madness fan I had hoped for better. I'm still addicted to TM1 whereas I'm done with TM2 already.

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    Fajar Priyanto

    When we pause the game, I wish we can still see the map to review our strategy.

    Currently during pause the map view is blocked by menu.

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    Fajar Priyanto

    Some map like Arroyo is very difficult and requires lots of planning like putting towers in advance to see the best location. I wish we can save it so that when we fail and need adjustment we don't have to recreate the towers placement on the map from scratch.

    I even have to take picture with my hand phone for it :)

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    S. Baker

    I really enjoyed Tower Madness and am currently having fun going through TM2 (iPhone and iPad). I am glad the extra slot was reduced but I got used to being able to use any weapon I wanted, not a limited amount decided prior to round (kind of like PvZ). I haven't beat every level yet but are there longer levels? One of my favorite ways to play is a really long level that tests your ability to use the map and upgraded weapons. So far they are all pretty short and I don't play long enough to upgrade everything. Really like the game though and I'm excited to see what comes next.

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    I loved TM and I like TM2 but I do not find TM2 nearly as easy to jump in and play. It does not seem to be nearly as user friendly.


    The PvZ style system of only allowing so many towers per level is incredibly irritating.


    The menu system is not as intuitive as the original TM. I shouldn't have to think/remember where to go to perform an action in a mobile game.

    The leaderboard/video system on TM1 was much better.

    Also, it isn't easy to find answers. I am playing on a Nexus 7 and I do not have an option to record my game (No camera in-game), I could not easily figure how to do it. Still haven't.


    I had no issue with the price but it was nice to receive the wool.


    I'll keep looking for updates, though.

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    eric b

    first off I'm a big fan I love both TM games you guys do great work.


    That said, IMO the shrink bubble is distracting to me- could we have the option to turn it off? Also I wish that the replays were not taken away.

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    Jfprevost Travel

    Bring back the replays that were included in the leaderboards, that was a key feature that kept me playing the original to get "perfect" games on all levels. It was great to see other players tactics, and it was a key differentiator to me when comparing the game to other TD games.

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    Jfprevost Travel

    I don't enjoy the new freezing mechanic in ice level, it makes those levels tedious instead of fun. I'd enjoy those levels much more without this new mechanic.

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    Aaron Larsen

    I really like TM2. I liked the ability to quit TM and it give the option to resume the game. Please add a timer like TM and Nuts! from resuming after being paused and the game starting. I would really like to see the flamethrower again, if it isn't already added, I have not completed the game. Add an AirPlay feature similar to Zombie Gunship where the device acts as a controller and the game is shown in the Apple TV. Add endless mode like TM. Please add an "Are you sure you want to purchase this?" notification on Xen's store.

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    Felix R.

    After solving all levels 4-stars a few comments:
    - with the new wool-prices the game got a lot better, now it's possible to play without buying anything in game. But I don't like the idea of weapon slots, it's nearly impossible to solve the last campaign without 6 different weapons - and it would be more strategic to combine all available weapons.
    - the levels are too easy. Except for the last 4-5 maps I've been able to win all levels in invasion mode first try, and, due to limited tower slots, without using any slow up/stunning towers. In tm1 that wouldn't have been possible. There are several maps i couldn't win in invasion mode, and it took me several months to will all games 10/10 without using the ingamepurchase-weapons. (I purchased and tried them later, and I am happy that they are not in tm2, I didn't like them 'cause they made the game a lot easier)
    - the frost-maps are annoying. It might be a little realistic that there is frost on unused weapons, or, maybe, on electric ones. But on fire weapons used all the time it makes no sense, why should they freeze? I spend more time tapping the frozen towers then thinking about strategy (and won nearly all maps first try 10/10, therefore once again, it was too easy)
    - in the desert maps there should be a greater difference within heating up of different towers, perhaps to make weaker weapons more effective or kind of that.
    - I miss the endless mode

    Finally, I have to say that I prefer tm1, which was more strategic, gave more options how to solve a level and had everything to make it one of the best games for iOS. But to be fair, the second on is new and I hope it's getting more like the first one ;)

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    Sent an email last night to support, but thought I would add some of my (revised) observations here:

    Overall I really appreciate the new design, the detail and expressiveness of the characters and landscape is quite nice. I like setting weapons to auto-upgrade once the money is available, and getting percentage feedback on how much boosters are adding.

    Admittedly I was getting annoyed by the rather steep pricing of upgrades and weapon slots as the game progressed. Don't get me wrong, I bought every map and extra in the original and certainly don't mind paying for them now. I truly understand that developers have to make a living, it's just that the recent overabundance of IAP heavy apps have left a sour taste in many users' mouths, and the sheer amount of them in this app compared to the original makes us rather suspicious.

    My laundry list of concerns:

    1. Where are the game replays by other users? This was one of my favorite features. I know there is the new camera function, but it is rather awkward and doesn't replace the replay feature in any way.

    2. Why only two game speeds now? I enjoyed having the three options.

    3. How long before my beloved mines, flamethrowers and such come along? I'm only in the desert now.

    4. I have to admit, part of me thinks the overheating and freezing is an interesting element, the other part really really hates it. And does the boost have any real effect on the cooling? Perhaps these settings should be optional for higher points, like Invasion Mode?

    5. I kind of wish the cutesy factor (smiling stars in particular) had been taken down a notch. I appreciate many of the other enhancements, but it is teetering slightly over into Candy Krush/Nintendo over-saturation.

    6. The 3D zoom in function is a bit odd, I can get in close but then it pulls back again.

    7. I really miss having the lower priced plasmatron for path building. Seems the lowest price weapon we have now is the mortar, which is annoying as at least I could build paths with the plasmatron and know that they would affect both ground and air, particularly if I upgraded them later.

    Will add more as I go. Thanks for listening!

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    Aaron Larsen

    I really miss the mine from TM that I could use to kill a straying alien without having to place another tower, could you think about adding it? Another idea is a challenge mode where the player can only use a set number of towers or only certain towers. An option to choose if a tower only shoots the the last alien or the first in its range.

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