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We'd love to hear more about what you think about the game: what you like, what we could improve, and what features you would like to see.  

We'll be following this thread closely.  Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write to us!


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    Instead of Zombie Gunship 2, A new game should be called Zombie Bunker. Players would have access to an AC-130 Gunship similar to the first game, but the would also have access to other zombie killing machines like turrets For example, when one starts a game they are required to choose which map they would like to play at, and then what defensive measure they would like to use, so you can only use he AC-130 or the turret in one specific game. This would also add a co-op option, where two players could play together with one of them being the pilot of the AC-130 and the other controlling the turrets. In Coop, there will be twice as many zombies, so it will still be difficult. Now I will go deeper into the concept of the turret. Around the map there are five locations where turrets are at. If one selects to play as the turrets, These turrets can be switched to during the game. Their names, Turret A, Turret B, etc. will be in the upper left corner, and next to their names will be a light, if the light is not on, there are no threats, if the light is yellow, there are zombies there, if the light is red, there are many (>20) zombies there or a giant zombie. If the light is white then there is a human that needs to be rescued. The turrets are each equipped with 3 weapons. The first is the 25mm mini gun, this weapon is practically identical to the 25mm on the gunship. The next is a hellflare missile which only works by locking on to giant zombies. It takes about 5 seconds to lock in but this can be upgraded. When locked on, one can fire the missile, which instantly kills the giant zombie and zombies around him. This takes a long time to reload, about 1 minute but can be brought down to 30 seconds by upgrades. The final weapon that all turrets have is a semiautomatic sniper. This weapon is extremely accurate and will instantly kill all regular zombies in one shot. It holds 5 bullets but can be upgraded to ten. This is very effective against zombies that are attacking humans. Also, I want the core gameplay to stay the same, and the artwork to be similar. The turrets will also have FLIR sights. I love this game, and I believe that Zombie Bunker, would be one of the best games on the App Store. I am excited to see what Limbic has in store for us loyal fans.

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    Also one will be able to zoom in and out with the sniper

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    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

    Agree with zooming in and out with the sniper view (while using the Gatling 25mm). Possibility to call UAV/Drones purchasing them in the in-game Upgrade store, so you can call -say- once per game this UAV and fire unattended over an area previously designated or -say- with high density of zombies, not necessarily those closer to the bunker.

    Wish for the Three Kings: Challenge mode or ability to get two AC130 Spectre on the same game playing wifi at the same time. You can invite or challenge your friends via Game Center or equivalent in Android and get a collaborative attack in the same map. You cannot move the aircraft but you can take care of one area and agree with the other guy. In this mode, no Civil Pardon is allowed.

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    Crhristian Kyle Pasibe

    Wish that players can deploy an army from ac130 to attack zombies.

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    Marc Swikull

    The game is fun and the interface/game-play is genuinely unique. It's so engaging, I've played through all of the levels within a week or so of downloading the game. Any plans to add additional maps, ranks, levels, achievements, and may be game play modes?

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    Robert Da Ros

    Language is German.
    Euer Spiel is für mich das Beste aller Spiele. Nur ein Fehler hat das Spiel. Man kommt nicht weiter als 14000-18000 Punkte. Das wird zu schnell ein ganz schnelles Spiel. Man kommt einfach nicht weit. Leider. Bitte macht das besser. Dann 5 Sterne. Ihr seit die Besten Spielmacher. MFG R. D.

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    I saw this suggestion on Reddit and would like to also recommend it. Could you have some sort of progress count or indicator to let us know how close we've come to completing, say, firing the Bofors 300 times in one round, kind of like the "12 of 20 sniped" count on the "Snipe 20 zombies attacking humans" goal? If I knew I'd managed to fire it 270 or 280 times (or most of the way on a progress bar), I'd keep trying, but if I knew my best effort only managed 170 or 200, I'd buy my way past it...

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    Ryan Thomas Pye

    Hey there, I have a few ideas for you guys that you might be able to use. I love this game, and I love the new aspect you guys put into the art of killing zombies. I hope you enjoy some of the ideas I'm about to put here, and maybe I'll get to see them in a future version of the game :)

    1. Ammo Types:
      -Regular- Nothing special about this ammo, just hardened slugs; Damage: Normal.
      -Explosive- Bullets explode on contact with ground and targets, be careful around civs; Damage: High.
      -Armor Piercing- Ammo that shreds through zombies like tissue paper, especially effective against Brutes; Damage: Very High.
      -E.A.P- Explosive Armor Piercing rounds pass through soft targets and explode on hard targets; Damage: Extreme.

    2. Abilities:
      -Napalm Strike- Jet fighter that swoops low to drop a napalm bomb that incinerates zombies and civs within a line. Great for clearing out canyons or lines of zombies.
      -2,000 Pounder- Drops a 2,000 pound bomb that explodes over a massive area. Good for open spaces and clearing out large groups of zombies.
      -Plague Bomb- Similar to the 2,000 Pounder, but releases a cloud of gas that dissolves zombies while leaving civs unharmed. (Note: Can still kill civs if caught in the immediate blast radius.)
      -Marines- Call in a squad of marines to hunt and kill zombies while gathering and escorting civs to the bunker.

    3. Advanced Upgrades:
      -Hyperfire- Zombies will bask in the shade of your bullets before being reduced to ribbons.
      -Improved Ballistics- More power and faster bullet speed.
      -Hypercoolant- Fire longer, more controlled bursts almost continuously.
      -Heavy Hitter- Explosive radius and power increases exponentially.
      -Feeder- Doubles the rate of fire.
      -Ammo Cap- Increases the amount of rounds in a clip.
      -Thunder of God- Explosive radius and power increases exponentially.
      -Unto the Breach- Doubles the rate of fire.
      -Plague Shells- Releases a cloud of gas that dissolves zombies while leaving civs unharmed. (Note: Can still kill civs if caught in the immediate blast radius.)

    4. Extras:
      -Weaponized Civs- Civs are armed with anything they can find such as shovels, pick-axes, crowbars, wrenches, axes, swords, small calibre weapons, etc.
      -Police Officers- Tougher and harder conditioning than civs. Officers will attempt to rescue civs.
      -Multiplayer- More players, means more gunships, means more mayhem.

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    Marius Herta

    There is one aspect of the game that frustrates me. Whenever a civilian is attacked by a zombie, I try to save the him by sniping that zombie. If I fail in my atempt and I kill the civilian as well, the game considers this friendly fire. I don't think this is fair because that civilian was going to die anyway. On the contrarily, I gave that civilian the benefit of a fast, painless death compared to being eaten alive by a zombie.

    So my feedback is that killing a civilian under attack by a zombie shoult not be considered friendly fire. This way gunners would be better motivated to try and save those civilians and would not be afraid of being punished for friendly fire.

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    gautam baudh

    first of all thanks to limbic.zendesk team to make this kind of zombies killing job by GUNSHIP !

    if i know the gunship job backup or how to saving it then defiantly i cross the limits of coins ,many time my smart phone is formatted that is note 1 that why i lost the whole handwork of killing uncountable zombies of Hindustan (bad religion culture)  if the hard work is saved than i have more than 2,6999999 coins

    it is the proud as an Indian that i cross  now 1,699999 coins just in few hours

    thanks again



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    gautam baudh


    it is good if the space between weapon selection tabs is increase about 2 to 3 mm.In very tense conditions at the bunker area having lots of zombies make problems to select or change the weapon mode due to minimum space of weapon tab. 

    I want to see the basic root problem of zombies where they come from and at the end there should be a part of gunship to destroyed that zombie Shiva temple .

    than hope for vinci codes open for new world 

    thanks for the beginning of gunship job !


    gautam (anty-hindu dog gods zombie culture ) 

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    Kim Carpenter

    I love this game,there needs to be more objectives and the ability to make more rank. With the 105mm maxed out the reload is still slow, there needs to be more types of artillery shells, a high explosive incendiary round that would be able to kill the large zombies with one round. More maps like 10 more would be good, the last one should be the main lock down area. Need to add more upgrades, with  $5.6 million dollars I have nothing else to buy 

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    Richard Llamas

    I bought the original Zombie Gunship back into 2014 for my iPad playing even to this day! (Even though I haver maxed out with upgrading my weapons)  .. I saw that Zombie Gunship Survival was out and I immediately downloaded it as well.. A great game as well, love the zoom feature for the mounted sniper cannon... it really polishes off those marauder Tanks lumbering over to smash you! I even see where you can kill two birds with one stone, as I have killed a pair of Tanks simultaneously, who were marching side-by-side..with one shot..too cool! 

    My suggestion as a die hard Zombie Gunship fan not being able to just  upgrade your weapons to more powerful stages..but more maps in a series ... it gets boring after a while with the same maps. as much as I love this game!  That add-in purchase is something I would be happy to pay for if I could get a slough of maps to make the game play even more pleasurable!


    Something your design team and software engineers have thought of before I am sure! would like to see it actually happen! 


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