[Zombie Gunship] Where can I sign up for Limbic's Mailing List?


Sign up for the Limbic Newsletter here:

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    Robert Da Ros

    For 4 years I ask you via AppStore
    that you finally make a weapon update.
    At some point, the zombies are too much and that's very fast. Why don't you rich people in there make a weapon update?
    Since probably became rich well. Is clearly at 109 € for the largest package which then does not help because the weapons are still meager.
    You should take away the money you got through us users.
    Zombie Gunship is the best game. But if you don't have a weapon update, unfortunately you won't get far. You are lucky that I do not live here otherwise I would visit you.
    Finally make an update. I hate you so much. Get rich through apps and then let your users who made you rich down.
    You should stop because you can't.
    Your 🖕🏽

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