[Zombie Gunship] How do I snipe a zombie attacking a human?


Use the 25mm and carefully snipe the zombie by using burst fire (lightly tap the Fire Button). Avoid hitting the human by aiming a bit further off to the side.

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    Richard Llamas

    I found usually that when an individual zombie is being up close and personal with a civilian survivor .. you have to be very careful when using the .25 mm gatling gun. a trick I have used is to aim at appendages of the zombie like legs, feet, arms or head just a hair behind or in front of the zombie you want to take out. Remember the Gunship is in flight, so you need to account for the drift as you aim and fire the weapon..else it will disintegrate and be penalized for civilians you might be hit and killed as well.

    This helps if you are going for a perfect score! 

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