[Zombie Gunship] How to Best Kill the Big Zombies?



You are shooting at the big zombies but they don't seem to die!



Use the 25mm against the big zombies as you will be able to deliver the most hits over the same period of time compared to the other weapons.

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    Neill Augustine

    My experience with the mountain trolls, as I call them, is that there are two ways to take them out. The first is to get to know the length of time it takes before the 25mm gun overheats with an internal countdown in your head, and give each one the steady fire from it 'til just before you overheat. You don't want to waste even a second for cooling down in the heat of battle. And they'll crumble right away from it, and oddly enough, the BOFORS and the 105MM don't really seem to soften them up as much as you might expect them to do. Plus, you don't really want to be wasting precious nanoseconds waiting for them to reloaad, when the 25mm is the fastest loader of them all.

      The other way takes some practice, but if you master it, you're golden. When the field starts flooding with clusters of the trolls, you usually don't have time to give each of them the full 3 second clip, since the world is going chaotic all around you, all the other zombies are still marching along, or sprinting toward the bunker, if you're way along in play.

    * So what you have to do is pull out to 105 view, survey the field, spot the trolls, and as you keep an eye and an ear on the bunker mouth, you go and give each of them about a 1.5 second burst of 25mm fire. It's not enough to drop them, but you've crippled them enough so that when they get into close proximity of the bunker, it only takes a short burst to drop them in their tracks, and it's very gratifying to see them go down so easily, especially when you're trying to snipe the many zombies out from among the humans  in the crowds. *

      So, you periodically draw your view out, scan for clusters, go hit them with a second and a half or so, come back to the bunker, and defend. And above all else, even when things get hairy around the mouth of the gate, and your trigger finger just doesn't want to let off the trigger, override it and shoot in short even bursts, over and over and over....brrrrp...brrrrp...brrrrp...brrrp

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    Craig Douglas Hueser

    A tip : I've been shooting in the dark pathways leading up to the 'area' just killing zombies for quite a while now to just to ruin it today killing one human sneaking outa house to get to the bunker ! Bummer , I've found work around humans are light gunfire only , they seem to be running straight as the zombies are all over the place , staggering around making better targets .
    Just lightly , come as close as you can around the humans , spray as I sorta flick my finger lightly to have gaps humans can slide though .
    It nice to gun a group who is just starting to surround humans an spin out circully lighter at the end where our friend is . In those brrrrrp_brrrp-brrp

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    Richard Llamas

    I agree with Neil .. the best weapon to dispatch Tanks is the .25 mm Gatling gun Neil mentioned the 105 mm and 40 mm cannons do not really seem to hasten the Tanks destruction.  The bigger cannons only serve to clear out a horde of smaller zombies, that might be clustering around a lumbering Tank as they are approaching a bunker or other stronghold.  Using the larger caliber cannons help to decimate the smaller cluster of zombies surrounding the Tank, so all the gun fire from the .25 mm gatling gun, hits the Tank for more killing power.  It helps to take out the Tanks "Zombie" shield so the Tank is exposed to your .25 mm cannon gunfire! Using 3 to 4 second bursts from the .25 mm gun is the best and quickest way to bring down a Tank ; with minimal cool down periods for overheating the gatling gun. 

    As many players know.. taking more time than is necessary to kill an approaching Tank will allow other smaller hordes get through to a stronghold entrance and swarm inside!

    Edited by Richard Llamas
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