[TowerMadness] Missing Purchases


All purchases have gone missing.  Typically occurs on a new device or a freshly-restored device.


To restore your purchases, do the following:

  1. Start TowerMadness, TowerMadness Zero, or TowerMadness HD
  2. Tap on Shop Button
  3. Tap on "Missing Any Purchases?" or "Restore Purchases" (if you have a version of the game older than 1.13). 

Follow the steps on the screen and the game will restore your in-app purchases.

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    Limbic Support

    There are generally three things that cause this problem:

    1. You are signed in to a different iTunes account than the one originally used to make the purchase.
    2. You are using a different version of TowerMadness than the one originally used to make the purchase (Paid vs. Zero vs. HD)
    3. You originally obtained the in-app purchase through the Limbic Vault site. (The Vault is no longer supported)

    If neither of these appears to be the cause, please contact support directly and we will do what we can to help!

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