[TowerMadness HD] Restoring HD purchases to Non-HD


You made purchases in TowerMadness HD, and wish to transfer these purchases to TowerMadness / TowerMadness Zero.


Unfortunately at this time there is no way to transfer purchases made on the HD version back to the iPhone due to limitations in the App Store.

As a result, if you're deciding to buy any other add-ons we recommend you do so in the iPhone version, then repeat these steps to transfer the unlocks to TowerMadness HD.

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    Daniel Owens

    This is really a shame since I had an iPad with the HD version before I got an iPhone. Now when I want to play on my iPhone when I am on the go I will just have to do without the extra maps and weapon because I am not going to pay another $6 for something I already have.


    Customer Support Reply: Hi Daniel! We're very sorry we do not have any promo codes to unlock add-on purchases, nor is there a way to transfer due no current iCloud support for the original TowerMadness. An option would be to re-purchase and request a refund through the iTunes purchase receipt.

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