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    John T Griffin

    As I am home under self quarantine and having played through tower madness 2 levels over and over again, I am longing for some new levels to get me throught this?  Any chance of a surprise update?

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    Vicky Sandhu

    I used play long time ago and I bought flamethrower, mine and flashbait. But recently I downloaded it again but my purchase are not there, I tried to restore them but it's not working. I put the request in twice before but nobody replied. Can you please fix it up.
    Gurinder Singh

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    Don Leslie

    Hello Limbic,   


    The original TowerMadness is a great game.     It seems fairly timeless as people play the levels over and over.   I don’t understand why you don’t build new levels.    I, and I am sure many others would be willing to pay for new levels.   I feel like mew groups of levels could be a great source of added income for you as well as added pleasure for many of us - Great job!!

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    Rob Weinstein

    I love tower madness. Thanks for the work. I just bought an iPhone 6plus. I've purchased all of the map packs over the years and tonight the voyage pack showed up as not purchased so assuming it was new I bought it. No new maps showed up. Was it a pack for everything I already had (if it is, that's not clear) or is there a problem?

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