[Zombie Gunship Revenant] How can I contact support?

Contact_us.pngCheck out our Support Forum here:

You can also directly contact us at the following email:

iOS and General questions/requests -

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    John Dill

    I’m not getting any sound (FX or music) from the game on my iPhone 7plus. I’ve verified the volume is up and that I’m not connected to an airplay or Bluetooth device. I also tried rebooting the phone. Any suggestions?

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    I can’t upgrade weapons I’ve bought all the chests and money but it not allowing me to upgrade please help

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    Cesar Paz

     How do I restore the weapons I purchased? I had to do a reset on my iPad. And they were wiped out.

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    Heath Lindquist

    I've been trying to play the 3rd level now for the last 2 hours all I get is a orange thermal screen saying learning about my surroundings and Moris code sound ...what's the deal???

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