[Zombie Gunship Revenant] Why do I keep getting the “Low Visibility” warning?


  • Lighting conditions: Make sure that you are in well lit room. If you are still getting the “Low Visibility” warning, try moving to a brighter area or allow more light into the room (turn on additional lighting, open window shades/drapes, etc.)
  • Excessive motion: Keep your device as steady as possible during the play area detection phase.
  • Time for plane detection: Allow enough time for clear plane detection (up to 60 seconds for the clearest picture).
  • Camera obstruction: Ensure that your camera is not blocked (even the edge of a finger or dust in the lense can obstruct the camera).
  • Flat surface: Be sure that the surface you are playing on is flat with no significant slopes or obstructions.
  • Reflective or glass surfaces: Make sure that the surface you are playing on is not too reflective. Metal or glass surfaces are not conducive to a good playing area.

 Place your base!

Once you have met the ideal playing conditions, use the “Recenter” button to begin mapping your base.

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