[Zombie Gunship Revenant] Player Feedback Thread


We'd love to hear what you think about the game: what you like, what we could improve, and what features you would like to see.  

We'll be following this thread closely.  Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write to us!


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    Hey, why don’t you offer a paid version of the game and make it more customizable? Play the free/in app one to see if you like it. Then buy our game for $4.99. I would absolutely pay $4.99 for this game if you made a few changes. This is what I would add and into the paid one:

    1) Difficulty levels

    2) Ability to call in back up if you can’t pass a level. Maybe a bombing run?

    3) More levels

    4) More accurate battle damage

    5) ability to layout your ground troops and buy more of them. Maybe earn more. So that you could possibly put 20 or 30 guys around the bunker. Also, your weapons should kill your own guys if you make a mistake. 

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    6) Zombies shouldn’t get stronger. You should add in a third. Maybe a flying one. And a 4th that does something like throw things at the helicopter. 

    7) I do wish elevation was eaier to control. Unless I just don’t get it...

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    dylan james

    the game is fun to play and once you’ve got the mark 4 machine, mark 3 machine gun, mark 3 sniper, mark 2 rockets you can go back and dominate the first 3 scenarios but scenario 4 and 5 are the hardest.

    what’s absolutely most frustrating i’ve played scenario 4 over 30 times and have only unlocked the mark 3 sniper. the weapons for scenario 4 are mark 3 rockets, mark 3 sniper, mark 3 missile and mark 4 cannon.

    and then to add insult to injury i actually beat scenario 4, survived 15 waves and didn’t unlock any new weapons. i’ve has the mark 3 sniper for a while now. what sucks worse i survive 12 waves on scenario 5 and still don’t unlock any new weapons and the crates that i do earn give me weapons from scenario 1 and 2.

    it’s so frustrating when i play scenario 4 and 5 and i keep getting weak weapons in my silver crates and gold crates. if i’m playing scenario 5 i should NOT be getting mark 1 machine guns in my crates SUPER FRUSTRATING, and this is a big problem.

    at this point i’m saving up my gold to buy a premium crate and if that doesn’t give any new weapons i’m deleting the app, it’s just no fair they want to sell you the level 4 missiles for $15 dollars. that’s all they want to do, is make money and make sure anyone who doesn’t spend money have a shitty experience.

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    Chris Hammond

    To many silver crates when upgrading levels are way to hard now when you can’t upgrade weapons. Plus gold numbers are to high when only get 10-15 gold. I’m only at lvl 4 too and can’t get above wave 9 as well. Weapons need adjusting

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    Anthony Flanigan

    Just when it gets good it starts to fail. Too bad, was really getting into it and then level 5 hits and it turns to soup; impossible upgrades, not enough lead in the shells, and my most favorite quirk- just when the action is peaking, suddenly I'm uncontrollably flying away from the action or I'm teleporting to another corner of the map. Game goes from a 9 to a 3 in seconds. I'm done now polishing this turd. Keep trying.

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    Derek Rai Greiser

    Why does it take such a crazy amount of time to acquire weapon upgrade parts? I play the third and fourth missions and still only get parts for the first two guns. Also, why do I need to watch an entire 190 ads for one single chest? I won’t buy the silver or gold chests because when I get them in game they only give me crap for weapons I can’t even use to progress, so I need to buy the highest tier and that takes weeks of daily ad watching for a chance at some half decent weapons.

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