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[TowerMadness] Game Center achievement campaign maps

Iman Mostafavi
posted this on June 08, 2011 10:04


Which maps are associated with each game center campaign achievement?




First Encounter, Last Encounter

PlainPlane, DividedAttention, MuttonsFolly


Forest Refuge, Perfect Refuge

Stripes, Pitchfork, Racetrack, BarnYard, Diagonal, WindingWoods


Moon, Full Moon

Arcade, Wormhole, MoonWalk, Singularity, Darkside, Xenos, Dione


Brewing Storm, Perfect Storm

Icegarden, Winterlands, Frostbite, Blizzardgale, Mistletoe, Fimbulvinter, Snowflake


Gamble, Great Gamble

Checkerboard, Pinball, Domino, Chance, Dice, Spades


Follow the Path, Pathfinder

Maze, Enigma, Micro, Labyrinth, Spyra, Infinity


Lava, Volcano King

Char, Caldera, Flow, AshMountain, Magma, Volcano, Hotspot


Wind and Sand, Sand Storm

Necropolis, Roll, Sawtooth, Borderlands, Giza, Dune


Forge of Heroes, Hero's Throne

Sparta, Pantheon, Delphi, LostTemple, Invasion, Madness


Marsh Madness, Marshmallow

Bayou, Tetromino, LilyPad, Swamp, Snake, MysteryMarsh, ZigZag


FInal Resistance, Vive la résistance!

SuddenDeath, Endurance


Spooky, Fearless

Cemetery, Creeps, Ghastly, Graveside, Horror, Skulltown, Boneyard



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Christof König Beatty

Thanks for that list. I'd appreciate if it could be extended for the more recent achievements/campaigns: Coast, Trial by fire, Nuts!, and Winter is Coming campaign.  

It'd also help if the map here were sorted like they are sorted in the "map list" view within the game.

Lastly, I'd appreciate it generally if it were easier in-game to follow those campaigns and see what belongs to each other.

February 08, 2013 01:46